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Don’t Let Your Data Sink – Cloud Backup


On Sunday, November 13th, SeaBrook Harbor and Marine was faced with the unthinkable when a fire destroyed their offices in New Orleans. The fire took everything, including documents, computers, and 5 boats. In order to get a handle on the situation and maintain current client needs, SeaBrook needed to get its system up and running, in addition to dealing with the devastation left behind by the fire.


As soon as EDC received word about the fire on Sunday, the team began downloading Seabrook’s server from their off-site Cloud backup and prepping the new computers SeaBrook needed to continue operations. By Tuesday, Seabrook’s new server and computers were delivered on-site and ready for use.


SeaBrook had complete access to their server and working computers two days after the devastating fire that destroyed their offices – with amake-shift office set up in an undamaged corner of their warehouse.

SeaBrook had just signed on with EDC two months prior to the fire, and one of the first tasks EDC performed was setting up an off-site backup of their server. In doing so, Seabrook Marine was able to deal with the damages to their office and facility,  while also continuing to provide its clients with uninterrupted service.

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