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Technology has continued to change the way we do business over the years, along with how we leverage its potential and avoid potential threats. For many, finding an IT provider that can not only keep you up and running, but also help discover and prevent possible disruptions to your productivity and workflow is a challenge. 

With EDC’s proactive approach to IT management, our goal is to ensure that you are always protected – backed by a proven process that protects you from risks you may have never known were there.

Here, our entire team of experienced IT professionals, strive to remain proactive toward your needs – focused on quick response times, affordable superior service and reliable IT Solutions. With offices in both Lafayette and New Orleans, our dedicated team is able to provide typical response times of less than an hour, regardless of whether the unthinkable happens, or your email has decided to no longer cooperate.

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EDC's Managed IT Services

E-shield is a specialized set of Managed IT Services and your first line of defense against the unthinkable. With E-Shield, businesses can rest easy knowing that EDC is on the job, ensuring that your technology is up to date, your systems are secure, and you are protected from any disruptions in productivity.


E-Strategy helps companies prepare for expensive technology purchases that often come without warning. This includes meeting on a regular basis to form long-term plans and align business goals with technology.


E-Secure is the first line of defense, protecting your business computers from viruses, preventing e-mail from being compromised, and guarding from other risks that you may have never known were there.


With E-Support, businesses can rest easy with the knowledge the EDC is on the job, ensuring that your software is up to date, your systems are secure, and you are protected from any disruptions in productivity.


E-Shield +protects data stored on phones and tablets – an essential security measure for remote and hybrid offices, and any business whose employees use their personal phones for work emails.

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As the go-to professional for providing IT solutions for your company, you’re a one-man show. As Louisiana’s Premier IT Solutions Company, we understand what most don’t: your job is not easy. Our entire team of IT professionals has been there, and we know how frustrating it is to not have the tools, time, or resources you need to get the job done


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