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The first line of defense in protecting your business technology.

To operate in a modern business, you rely on safe and efficient technology to remain productive and protect sensitive data. Our dedicated team makes it our mission to protect your systems from viruses, preventing your e-mail from being compromised, and guarding from other risks that you may have never known were ever there.

Is your system secure?

With E-Secure solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your systems are protected. How? Our team provides specialized security services designed to protect your company from potential risks. From email and Cloud protection to staff training on safety protocols, EDC has you covered.

Email Protection

Online threats can come from unexpected places. E-Secure’s email protection is vital to block spam and viruses from wreaking havoc on your systems.


Data that is in transit or at rest can be an easy target for Online threats. E-Secure encrypts your sensitive data to ensure that it remains secure.

Multi-Factor Authentication

E-Secure sets up Multi-Factor Authentication systems on your devices to provide an extra layer of protection against your passwords becoming compromised.

Password Policies

It’s easy to use the same password for everything. Password policies make sure your employees don’t put their sensitive data at risk by reusing the same passwords repeatedly.


E-Strategy helps companies prepare for expensive technology purchases that often come without warning. This includes meeting on a regular basis to form long-term plans and align business goals with technology.


E-Secure is the first line of defense, protecting your business computers from viruses, preventing e-mail from being compromised, and guarding from other risks that you may have never known were there.


With E-Support, businesses can rest easy with the knowledge the EDC is on the job, ensuring that your software is up to date, your systems are secure, and you are protected from any disruptions in productivity.


E-Shield +protects data stored on phones and tablets – an essential security measure for remote and hybrid offices, and any business whose employees use their personal phones for work emails.

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