E-Force: Co-managed Services

E-FORCE | Co-Managed Services

Stress less & Stay Ahead

Only you can do what we do. At EDC, we respect that. We’re here to provide help for IT Professionals like you with access to more tools and support than you’d get on your own – without your company needing to hire another IT solutions provider.  

To put it simply, we’re not here to take your place. We’re here to make you look good. 

E-FORCE, like EDC’s Managed IT Services, E-SHIELD, will ensure that your technology is up to date, your systems are secure, and you are protected from any disruptions in productivity. Through E-FORCE, we will assess where you are, what you need, and how to customize IT solutions to fit your specific needs. 

EDC’s Experts in Your Corner

At EDC, we lead with integrity, quality, and dependability for all of our clients. For in-house IT support professionals like you, EDC will come in with a laser focus to harness the power of your IT resources, leverage the tools and resources you have, and provide you with the tools and resources you need to elevate your IT.  

Trying to do everything at once with no backup at your company is risky. Whether you’re managing a couple hundred endpoints with a lack of IT resources or drowning in hundreds of endpoints in an overwhelming number of locations, IT burnout has serious consequences to your mental health and performance. 

One mistake can lead to stolen data that costs your company hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Hackers are constantly searching for what makes your business’ cybersecurity vulnerable, and if something goes wrong, it’s on you. With EDC’s E-FORCE on your side, you’ll have the backup you need with multiple lines of defense – and EDC’s IT experts in your corner. 

EDC’s Co-Managed Services Solutions

We know how much IT responsibility weighs on your shoulders. With E-FORCE, you’ll know you’re covered. We will augment what you’re doing and elevate your deliverables to protect you from problems you didn’t know were going to happen through reliable, layered defense. Here’s how: 

1. Your First Line of Defense: E-SECURE

Bosses may not understand what you do, but they know you help prevent viruses and protected sensitive data. Through E-SECURE, we will help you elevate and reinforce your strengths, while helping you where you need it most. 

2. Your Dependable Backup: E-SUPPORT

Like you, our team of technicians are specially trained. Through E-SUPPORT, We will ensure that your software is up to date, and your systems are secure, before issues occur. With incredibly fast response times, you are protected from common mistakes, and your company is protected from any disruptions in productivity.

3. Your Plan of Action: E-STRATEGY

Our partnership with you incorporates strategic planning for your current IT needs and long-term plans. We designed our E-STRATEGY system to help you make informed technology-based decisions and to prepare you for expensive technology purchases that often come without warning. With E-STRATEGY, we take a proactive approach to tech.