Frequently Asked IT Questions

A managed service provider is someone who manages your technology, security or both for a flat monthly fee. This fee includes the software needed to provide those services. This is a great way to stabilize your budget, and it gives your service provider the flexibility to manage your system in a way that reduces your downtime and unexpected outages.

Because we can help your in-house person or team excel. EDC has a vast level of experience that in-house technicians will not experience working in just one environment. Through our co-managed offerings, we can fill in the gaps where your team might be short on experience, and we can leverage areas where we have the extra staff resources to develop solid policies and procedures. We treat your in-house team like one of our own and help them elevate their skills just like we do with our own team.

As often as you need. For emergencies, you can count on us positioning ourselves where we can be most effective. For proactive visits, this depends on the client. Usually, we come on-site once a quarter for the technical alignment review.

During your onboarding, we will document your system, install our tools, and schedule your first eStrategy meeting. We will immediately begin supporting issues in your network and we work to improve your systems to minimize downtime.

EDC is focused on providing process driven proactive support. So, what does that mean? We have checklists with hundreds of questions that we have created based on our experience solving IT issues. We regularly review these questions at each client to prevent problems from happening. In addition, when it comes to cyber security, we regularly analyze security breaches that we find in the news or through our IT community. Then we adjust our security  program to make sure those breaches never happen to our customers.

We serve many varied industries. These include Legal, Medical, Construction, and Oil.

While the bulk of our clients are in South Louisiana, we support remote locations for our clients all over the United States.

Yes, if you are interested in finding out about our client’s experience with EDC, we would be happy to put you in contact with one of our clients.

Our technicians have a varied array of certifications. All of our technicians have a base Comptia A+ certification. From there our technicians specialize in different certifications ranging from Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, and security.  

Our normal operating hours included in our contracts start at 7AM and end at 6PM Monday through Friday. This allows us to do things like reboots during our normal hours without interrupting your staff.

Security is baked into everything we do. Our eShield offering includes many security tools that protect you against the majority of attacks. If you want to prevent 99% of attacks, then our eShield Plus offering is for you. We regularly add security tools to keep you ahead of whatever the bad guys throw at you.

We include regular training under our eShield Plus program. This consists of weekly trainings, monthly newsletter, and a community forum. Also, our security team emails our eShield Plus clients whenever a new threat develops.

Absolutely. Under our eShield plus program, we work with you to develop security policy tailored for your business.

We send quick one question surveys asking for feedback with every ticket, and we track the results of these surveys on our dashboards spread around the office.

While we do support the residential network for the owners of our companies, we found that our approach to service does not mesh well with the average household network.