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provides a monitored approach to your business technology.

Our team of technicians are specially trained, ensuring that your software is up to date, and your systems are secure, before issues occur. With incredibly fast response times, we ensure you are protected from any disruptions in productivity.

Who do you turn to when you can’t do it yourself?

Our team of technicians are here to help. On top of providing quick response support, E-Support also includes a list of services to keep you and your team on track.

Support Training

Our Support team provides training assistance remotely to help ensure that your team has all the technical knowledge they need to succeed.

Cloud Services

When used properly, Cloud services can be a tremendous asset to your company. When used improperly, they can make your data vulnerable to threats. E-Support provides professional Cloud services and management assistance you can trust.

VOIP Phones

Phone communication is vital in the modern workplace. E-Support helps set up and manage VOIP phones for your company, providing a strong line of communication.

Technology Tips

Sometimes technology can be frustrating and hard to understand. We provide technology tips to improve your know-how and keep your business productive.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

It is important to secure all your business’ devices, especially if they are connected to each other. E-Support provides advanced endpoint protection on all workstations and servers, safeguarding your data with comprehensive protection from malware and hackers.

System Updates

Staying up to date on your business computers is vital to productivity and security. With E-Support, you don’t have to worry about updates, because we do them for you.


E-Strategy helps companies prepare for expensive technology purchases that often come without warning. This includes meeting on a regular basis to form long-term plans and align business goals with technology.


E-Secure is the first line of defense, protecting your business computers from viruses, preventing e-mail from being compromised, and guarding from other risks that you may have never known were there.


With E-Support, businesses can rest easy with the knowledge the EDC is on the job, ensuring that your software is up to date, your systems are secure, and you are protected from any disruptions in productivity.


E-Shield +protects data stored on phones and tablets – an essential security measure for remote and hybrid offices, and any business whose employees use their personal phones for work emails.

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