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Benefits of Co-managed IT Services

When it comes to IT services, it can be tricky deciding if your business requires an in-house technician or outsourced services, whether that be managed or co-managed IT services. For businesses with less than 40 employees, all IT issues can be outsourced. For businesses with more than 80 employees, there should be an IT department on hand. But, what about the gray area that falls in between the 40 to 80 employee mark? That’s where EDC’s co-managed services come in.

So, what exactly are co-managed IT services?

Put simply, we help manage your in house IT department, so you don’t have to. The unfortunate reality of IT specialists, especially tier 1 and tier 2 specialists, is they have high turnover rates.

To combat the headache of constantly having to get new IT specialists up to speed, EDC would be the over-arching constant within your IT department, assisting in the hiring, training, and managing of your technicians. When technical issues arise, your in-house technicians would handle the smaller issues like password changes or hard resets, while our experts would handle the more serious issues like security and server protection. An added benefit of having co-managed IT services is if your in house IT department suddenly falls apart, EDC is there to step in and take full control so you are never left alone without an IT specialist.

An additional benefit for our Louisiana customers is our understanding of local holidays. For example, if you decide to close on Mardi Gras, we’ll have a technician on call to keep your system protected. We can also be on-site in a matter of hours, depending on your location in the state. And, if you need us to attend an important meeting at your office, or require some extra assistance updating your equipment, we can be there for that, too.

So, let us take on the stress and burden of managing your IT needs and rest easy knowing your business is in expert hands.

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The EDC Way

At EDC, we’re constantly evolving our approach to new challenges. That’s how we prevent problems from happening before they start. Our dedicated team of IT professionals is here to help you.
From strategizing a plan to providing multiple lines of defense against hackers, we will ensure your data and private information is safe behind a vanguard of security measures.

To learn more about EDC visit, or to schedule a free consultation on how we can help with your IT needs, call us at: 337.235.7741 in Lafayette or 504.322.3622 in New Orleans